Dragon Meditation

I invite you now to sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable. Stretch if you need to. Relax your body…and close your eyes…and quiet your mind as we prepare to journey to the realm of dragons.
First, we must be in the proper state of mind. We must leave behind our egos and assumptions. We must forget all that we think we know as real, so that we shall be prepared to accept what is true when it presents itself.
We must remember that the dragons are an ancient, powerful race. We must approach them with respect and humility. We are as children to them, young and inexperienced. We must show proper reverence and deference, lest they think us presumptuous. We must enter their world with caution and with courtesy. In their wisdom, it is likely that they will accept our childish curiosity, but they are unlikely to tolerate impudence or disrespect.
Now…breathe slowly and deeply. With each breath, allow all the cares of the mundane world to drift away. With each breath, allow yourself to feel more relaxed. With each breath, feel your thoughts settle and converge until your entire awareness is focused on the sensation of breathing…the feel of the air filling your lungs, the rise and fall of your chest, the sound of your breath as it leaves your body.
Turn your thoughts inward and picture yourself standing in a forest. The trees grow close around you, and the red and gold light of the setting sun trickles through branches clothed in dense green leaves. The ground beneath your feet is soft, cushioned by decades of fallen leaves and soft springy moss. You walk slowly, leaving no footprint, and making no sound. The quiet noises of the forest, the hum of the insects, the calling of birds and rustle of chipmunks and squirrels fill the evening air.
Ahead of you, is an outcropping of stone, tall and broad. It is covered in mosses and vines, old and weathered. You press a hand against it. It is rough and slightly warm to the touch. You begin to walk along it, following a thread of curiosity until you reach a crack…a fissure in the stone just large enough for you to slip through. The rift is dark and silent, but you are not without courage, so you step inside, and find yourself in a tunnel. You feel a draft of air, warm and dry, coming from somewhere ahead. You follow this breeze towards its source, turning this way and that as you follow the tunnel in the stone, until you see a faint light ahead.
You walk towards the light, and emerge from the tunnel on a narrow ledge high on the wall of a vast cavern. The cavern walls are studded with glittering jewels of every color and hue and the floor is as smooth as glass. In the center of the floor burns a fire without any visible source of fuel. The fire burns high, its flames as rainbow-hued as the gem-encrusted walls. You look upwards towards the roof, only to find that you are not in a cavern at all, but a great dish of stone, open to the sky above. Far above you, in a sky as dark as the blackest velvet, thousands of stars wink and sparkle, and the full moon, looking brighter than the sun, shines with a milky radiance.
Against this magical sky, you see the dragons flying overhead, wheeling and spinning in an intricate dance. You watch them, silhouetted against that brilliant moon, sensing a message in their smooth and graceful movements but unable to grasp it.
You turn your attention to the space below you, and you see other dragons standing around the edges of the space, near the walls. Some stand together, in small groups, while others stand alone. One notices you. The dragon beckons to you, calling you down. You notice a pathway to your right that winds downwards, following the curve of the wall. You tread carefully, for the path is narrow and steep. When you reach the bottom, the dragon who summoned you is waiting, patient, and slightly amused.
You stand before this ancient creature, who stand with wings outstretched, and bow in a gesture of respect. You are called closer and you take in every detail of the being's face and form. Like a small child, you sit at the dragon's feet, humbly seeking instruction.
You sense curiosity, then amusement, and finally acquiescence. You will be granted your wish, though it may not come to you as you might expect. The dragon looms over you, so close now that you can hear the beating of its heart.
In silent communion, this great and ancient being touches your soul and pours into your spirit the wisdom you have come in search of. There are no words, no images, no explicit instructions or simple answers. Only thought and feeling and that which cannot be framed by mortal language. The sound of the great heart beating fills your ears.
The sensation of mystery and wonder fills you. You bask in it.
No questions. No answers.
Only the now.
Only the infinite.
The dragon withdraws, with unexpected gentleness.
You look up to see the great wings sweep downward as the dragon takes to the sky, moving across the face of the moon.
You feel changed, in some inexplicable way. Though you cannot remember what you may have learned, you know that it has altered your thoughts.
The patterns that weave through your life are somehow more distinct, your choices clearer and easier to discern. You rise to your feet and bow to all those standing around the fire, even though they do not seem to notice you. You raise a hand to salute those that fly overhead, and you begin the slow climb back to the ledge, and the tunnel beyond.
You climb higher, feeling light and full of energy. As you reach the ledge, you turn back for one last look at the realm of the dragons, but they have gone. The fire has burned down to embers, sparkling like multi-colored jewels, and the star-filled sky, dominated by the silvery moon is empty.
You enter the tunnel, which seems shorter than before, and emerge through the cleft in the stone. The forest before you is lit with gold and green light, as the rising sun shines through the leafy braches overhead.
You breath, slowly and deeply, letting the fragrant air of your own world fill your lungs, even as memories of the land of dragons fills your soul.
Breathe slowly and deeply, and allow the image of the forest to fade. Allow your consciousness to return to the present. Feel the floor beneath you, feel the presence of your brothers and sisters around you. Allow yourself to return to this place, this temple, the beginning of our journey and the end.
Breathe deeply and slowly, and when you are ready, open your eyes.