Guided Flower Meditation

As we gather in celebration let us prepare to open ourselves to the flow of magic.
Begin by closing your eyes and settling your body. Make yourself comfortable. Stretch and shift and place yourself at ease. Breath deeply and slowly, allowing the cares and worries of the mundane world to flow out and away from you. As you continue to breathe, allow yourself to relax, body and mind.
Now, focus on your center-the core of your self. Feel this place within you that marks the center of all that you are. Now, slowly, pull yourself into that center, concentrating all that you are, all that you have ever been or will ever be into a single focused grain: A seed.
You are a seed, full of potential and possibilities. You are tucked beneath the ground, surrounded by the warm soil, snuggled in the embrace of the Earth Mother. You can feel the cool waters that flow beneath the earth moving all around you, and you draw energy and nourishment form those waters. You are safe, and comfortable, and at peace.
There is a tingling that begins slowly, building all around you, urging you to abandon your comfortable slumber and stretch for something more. At first, you try to ignore it, but the pull is irresistible. You stretch…there…you can feel the warmth above you…the source of the pull. But now, you are afraid to leave the comforts of the earth completely behind, so you stretch again. This time, you extend roots deep into the ground, connecting you to the nourishing waters that you continue to draw strength from.
Now, you are ready to reach out again. As you stretch this time, you break through the surface. You can feel the warmth of the sunshine pouring down and you continue to grow towards the light. You unfurl your leaves, to gather more of the light to yourself, and as you do, you feel even more energy surge into your being. You reach down further with your roots, to draw in more of the waters, and also, to anchor you against the wind as you grow taller, stretching ever closer to the sky.
You open yourself to the wonder of the world. You realize your potential as you extend yourself leaf by leaf, and then, when you are ready, you unfurl your treasure. Opening the flower that you have carried within you since you were a seed, you reveal your true self, and turn your face to the sun.
Now, breath deeply and slowly, allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings, not as a flower, but as a human. Feel the wind on your face and your arms. Feel your breath filling your lungs, see the light shining behind your closed eyelids. Know that like the seed of your imaginings, you too have untapped potentials, and treasures in abundance to share. As you open your eyes and return to the world you know, carry within you the memory of the seed and let it guide you as you shape the magic within yourself.