Welcome to the Ring of *Ghosti- Blog! Below you will find the thoughts and insights of our leadership. We also will be posting copies of any announcements here. If you have any thoughts or questions, please let us know through the secretary.

Poetry Corner 3

Far off places

By James Moore Hodur


Tell me of far off places

Places both ancient and mythical

Roads where silk and perfumes traveled down

Places both beautiful and fearsome.


Tell me of far off places

Let my mind’s eye wander amongst the wonders

Places of colors and sounds

Roads both winding and long

Places of many voices and songs.


Tell me of far off places

Places filled with so many faces

Roads that lead to adventure and legend

Poetry Corner 2

The Ancient Road

by James Moore-Hodur


Follow the path the ancestors strode,

Wander down that ancient road,

Where spirits and man met in times of old.


Follow the path the ancestors rode,

Wander with Old One Eye so bold,

Ancient gods walk down ancient roads.


Follow the path you forge on your own,

Wander in those boots so old,

For you will be there soon on that ancient road.


Down below the roots, or above in its heights,

Imbolc 2021

For Imbolc 2021 we will be hosting an online ritual. 

The draft of the ritual can be downloaded here:

Unrest at the US Capital

With all that has happened in the US capital today.

Peaceful protests are one thing, and something we support no matter the politics involved. Disrupting the work of government, causing the building to go into lockdown, causing damage by trying to break into chambers, and all the other violence that occurred today. That is not acceptable, and must be condemned.

Fall Equinox 2020

The ritual for Fall Equinox 2020 is here.  For those that are in the local Albany area, we are attempting an in-person ritual on Sunday the 13'th at noon.  Please contact us if you need directions.

Poetry Corner 1

Here's a poem from one of our members...Enjoy!

The Journey of Breath  
                     by James Moore-Hodur

Óðinn is breath,                                                                                                                                                    
The All-Father is the very air that fills your lungs.                                                                                         
He is the wind. He is everywhere wandering like the breeze through the new autumn leaves.