Consent Challenge

As a grove, we want to focus on the future because we cannot change the past. As such we challenge all groves and protogroves to agree to the following:

  • We condemn all forms of child abuse, and will work to prevent and report any within our grove.
  • We will actively work to make our gatherings a safe space for all attending.
  • We will work towards building a culture of consent:
    • Our leaders will be trained in consent culture
    • We will regularly discuss consent culture within our regular gatherings
    • We will host a consent culture discussion or workshop at any grove festival
  • We promote a concept of personal sovereignty, as described by John Beckett:
    • Nobody will be coerced, shamed, or forced in any way to do anything against their will.
  • We will update our bylaws where necessary to fulfill these pledges.

(Beckett article is “Culture of Consent, Culture of Sovereignty”, p. 1 in “Pagan Consent Culture”)

Groves Accepting the Challenge:

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