Below are various videos of workshops and rituals that the Grove has created over the years.

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Crafting Rites of Passages

Our lives are filled with moments of transition. Some, like birth, marriage and death, have complex, socially influenced secular rituals associated with them. Others, like the onset adolescence, are less widely recognized in American culture. In this workshop, there will be a discussion of the various types of transitions and their secular and religious observances. After looking at the types of life events that could be considered a rite of passage, there will be a discussion of how to craft rituals that support individuals going through those transitions.

Ritual to the Ancestors

Over the past few years, we have had many notable deaths within and without of ADF.  Tonight we will focus on our ancestors and make sacrifice to them, and remember them.  Please bring offerings for the ancestors, and stories to share about your ancestors.

Inclusive Heathenry

This past October, the Troth hosted a conference on Inclusive Heathenry call Frith Forge in Werder, Germany.  The event included leaders of groups from around the US, Canada, and Europe.  This workshop will be talking about what was learned at the conference, and how we can promote Inclusive Heathenry and international cooperation.

Presented by Rev. Robert Lewis

Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introduction to the Goddess

Patricia Lafayllve, author of Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introdution to the Goddess and Freyjasgythja, brings what is known from the remaining source material to bear in this discussion of Freyja. This complex deity was known as the "blot-gythja," or "Sacrifice-goddess," and reigned as one of the Vanir living in Asgard. If there is time, some discussion of unverifiable personal gnosis (UPG) will be included.

Presented by Patricia Lafayllve

Blending Serenity Tea with Niniann

Almost everyone has too much stress in their life , and taking time to brew a tea that helps calms our nerves, is good for our adrenal system, and may even get rid of a few aches and pains is always a good thing. Serenity tea is a pleasant drink if you want to meditate, do ritual, just relax, or get some sleep. In this workshop participants will have hands on experience blending the herbs to make their tea, make their own tea bags, and even imbue them with a little magic. Everyone will get to bring samples home with them.

Presented by Niniann

Music in Ritual (vocal)

Music can deepen ritual and trance, invoke spirits and honor the Gods. In this workshop, we'll learn how to effectively use "spontaneous song" and toning techniques -- and dare to be dorky while we're at it. It's not about performance or judgment, so don't be shy! If you feel more comfortable banging on something than opening your mouth, please feel free to bring a small item of percussion.

Presented by Jenne Micale

Wicked Plants

This will be a discussion on the less wholesome aspects of the plant world.  Amy Stewart's book "Wicked Plants" is the inspiration for this workshop on toxins, poisons, and plants that misbehave.

Presented by Gretchen Persbacker

Creating Accessible Rituals

The ADF Constitution states that ADF is dedicated to open, inclusionary, and public ceremonies.  This workshop will explore what it means to be inclusionary in the context of a ritual, with some examples of inclusionary practices as well as discussion to foster a better understanding of what inclusion looks like and brainstorm ideas.  While a portion of the workshop will focus on inclusionary practices for participants with disabilities, other aspects of inclusion will also be discussed. 

Presented by Rev. Kathleen Pezza