Below are various videos of workshops and rituals that the Grove has created over the years.

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Indo-European Sacred Drink

Central to the ritual and mythology of the Indo-Europeans was a sacred drink, ranging from the ale of sovereignty and mead of inspiration of northwest Europe to the soma of India.  This workshop will present the evidence from the different Indo-European traditions, speculate on what an original drink and ritual would have been like, and make suggestions for how such a drink and ritual can be incorporated into modern practice.

Presented by David Fickett-Wilbar


The Proto-Indo-Europeans, the ancestors of most of the cultures from Iceland to India, had a powerful and beautiful culture of their own.  This workshop will present what we know of one part of that culture, the religion.  The emphasis will be on its cosmology, with forays into ritual and the divine beings.

Presented by David Fickett-Wilbar